Touchstones of Purposeful Education: Creating an Ermergent Vision of the Future

Een passende titel voor een bijzondere 2-daagse Masterclass met Sam Crowell voor mensen werkzaam in het onderwijs en met interesse in pedagogische tact. De masterclass vindt plaats op maandag 29 en dinsdag 30 bij in Driebergen en wordt georganiEC initiative gezamenlijke blog fotoseerd door NIVOZ in samenwerking met Earth Charter Nederland.

Sam Crowell, hoogleraar Holistic Education en Earth Charter International Faculty uit de VS ontwikkelde het concept “emergent teaching”.  Sam is een bijzonder en inspirerend mens met veel ervaring in het onderwijs, het is een voorrecht om hem te ontmoeten en met hem in de masterclass samen te werken. De masterclass verdiept, wakkert aan, frist op, en maakt nieuwe verbindingen. En er zijn maar 16 plaatsen beschikbaar! Zie hieronder de volledige uitnodiging voor de masterclass.

Kosten: € 250,-.

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For years NIVOZ has been advocating the needs of children (in education) and the consequences of those needs for the teachers educating them. Pedagogical Tact has been the flagship course of NIVOZ to work with thousands of teachers to improve the quality of their pedagogies. One could say this has been about the HOW of education. It is fundamental however that we can only talk about the HOW after we have a deep dialogue about the WHY of education!

Therefore, we, NIVOZ and Earth Charter Nederland, are more than pleased to invite you to participate in a two day masterclass conducted by Prof Sam Crowell, during which we will engage into a dialogue around the WHY of education based on the concept of “Emergent Teaching”. With a group of maximum 16 people we will try to reach the deeper layers, the deeper purposes of education for each of the participants.

We are excited that Sam Crowell, emeritus professor of education at the California State University and member of faculty for the Earth Charter Center on Education, will be orchestrating this masterclass. Sam Crowell is co-author of the inspiring book “Emergent Teaching”.


During those two days Participants will engage in content, experiences and discussions that focus on how some of the major concepts around emergent teaching lead naturally to questions of a) what students need b) the person/presence of the teacher c) what values, visions, and purposes guide where we are going d) the space of uncertainty as pedagogical text and e) how does education address the future.

Just as Pedagogical Tact has implications for the internalization of certain perspectives and perceptions that lead to new instructional skills and behaviors, the same is true for Emergent Teaching. Among these perspectives are the biology of love and “emotioning” of trust as articulated by Humberto Maturana, a new understanding of process, and non-linearity and uncertainty as new spaces for teachers to occupy and cultivate.

The social and ecological imperatives of our time, together with the Earth Charter values, integrate into these discussions, leading to curricular questions of:

a) what kind of person do I want to become?

b) what kind of world do I want to live in?

Call to action

The person Sam Crowell, the concept of Emergent Teaching and the principles of the Earth Charter may not be familiar to you. The use of the English language may feel like a barrier . . .

However, we as NIVOZ would like to emphasise that Sam Crowell is an exceptional person, working at the very heart of what NIVOZ stands for.  We see his concept of Emergent Teaching as a critical part of the future of education and very much complementary to Pedagogical Tact.

In addition, we would like to encourage you to overcome your hesitations around your English capabilities; it may even facilitate the process of finding new words and language for the deeper meanings of our pedagogies.

We strongly feel this masterclass is a unique (and rare) chance to work for two days with Sam Crowell, the concept of Emergent Teaching, Pedagogical Tact and the principles of the Earth Charter as reference to our social responsibilities in education. So, do consider making room in your agenda!


  • The masterclass will be held in the offices of NIVOZ in Driebergen.
  • Walk in 09:30, start 10:00, close Monday 21:30 and Tuesday 16:30.
  • There is only space for 16 participants to facilitate the personal development of each.
  • The fee is 250 euro, incl VAT, 2 lunches and diner.
  • To receive more information and/or to subscribe please send an email to
  • Recommended reading: we will send you our suggestions for further reading along with the confirmation of your participation. The book Emergent Teaching will certainly be on that list.

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